An Gella - Perma

Рейтинг: 4, Голосов: 1
Artist:An Gella
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Abstract, Ambient, Experimental
1. Game Mother
2. Lip Track
3. Bad Analogy
4. OT Vlll
5. Ur Not Alone
6. Zen Cell
7. Non Spoken
8. Language Carrier
9. Xina
10. Kumdang-2
11. Image Field
12. (Resized)
13. Time Of Reason

Perma’ is the debut album by An Gella, the moniker of Copenhagen producer Aske Zidore. Intense, pristine and multiplex, the album oscillates between the moody and the ecstatic. From numerous recording sessions the sounds of voices, choir, strings, drums and classical guitar appear – but only as extractions, as signifiers who have been isolated from their own original context. The familiar becomes artificially artificial, painting the image of a future that has only warped and distorted memories of a long-lost physical world.

Jagged and abrupt stabs form compositions that are paired with a crystal-clear sound design, signifying that An Gella is a composer who knows how to cast the creative flow into concrete shapes with masterful craftsmanship. On the level of sound, ‘Perma’ describes a splintered world, that cuts right through you. At one point it feels like a storm of glass shards, at another like the sensation of a well-known skin. 'Perma’ is a forceful elegy that ravishes you and leaves you with a strange sense of having experienced love pass through generations.

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