Ziyal - Return to Essence (Journey of Innocence)

Return to Essence (Journey of Innocence)
Рейтинг: 4.68, Голосов: 40
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Ambient, Drum & Bass, Drumfunk
01. Innocence (09:46)
02. The Outerworld - Aurelia (Ziyal Golden Arc Mix) (06:44)
03. Return to Essence (06:33)
04. Mindtravel (05:47)
05. Nessus (08:24)
06. Liberation (07:23)
07. Malia (HVL Remix) (04:22)
08. Deeper Current (08:26)
09. Malia (Endless Spiral) (06:40)
10. Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Dissolution (07:12)
11. Return to Essence (The Outerworld Remix) (06:40)

Ziyal is a name I took for releasing some of my music that fell in the emotional and stylistic spectrum of atmospheric drum'n'bass. The project will not continue beyond 2017. I wanted to put together a compilation to summarize the life of Ziyal, creating a journey from a selection of tracks that holds special significance to me personally. All these tracks have been previously released, except two of them that appear in unreleased versions on this album (a full discography with links to all original releases is found below).

I don't feel it to be very important to label and describe music as being part of certain genres, since I maintain that music is potentially a spiritual experience that can neither be limited nor adequately described through words. Yet I wish to say that atmospheric drum'n'bass will always have a special place in my heart. More than most other genres of music I have come across, it seems to reflect a sense of childlike wonder, an incredible optimism about the future. It is a vision not unlike the original one behind Star Trek – a vision of a future Earth where humanity has once and for all decided to end wars and work together instead of fighting each other. The evolution of technology eventually puts an end to all famine and renders the financial system obsolete, and the focus of humanity shifts from survival and competition to peaceful exploration. I've always felt deep resonance with this vision, and from my first experience with music that I felt also reflected this futuristic vision of brightness and wonder for the Universe, I was hooked. The 90's atmospheric drum'n'bass sound in all its incarnations have been a reminder for me to look up and lift my vision higher in those times when life felt tough. To look beyond the immediate and remember the grandeur of our journey through this ever expanding magnificent Universe.

So, atmospheric drum'n'bass will always have a special place in my heart and I'm happy to have added my take on it in the form of Ziyal. A special mention goes out to Daljit Kundi (a.k.a Bass'Flo / Sinius) who continues to be a source of inspiration for me as well as a stable companion on our endless quest of exploring the inner and outer reaches of space.

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Комментарии (9):

riva17 дек 2017 в 12:54
драмфанк атмосферный хорошего качества
serwelat17 дек 2017 в 13:20
Низкий поклон автору за то,что дал жизнь этому проекту и этой музыкальной ветви в своём видении.Я как и он считаю,что данное направление,это больше,чем музыка.Жаль конечно,что мы больше не лицезреем релизы под этим никнеймом,но что же...Всё умирает...
Великолепный сборник,большинство композиций из которого так хорошо знакомы и так глубоко в памяти.
Спасибо за новости!
Matador_N17 дек 2017 в 14:56
Однозначно в закладки.
alphaq17 дек 2017 в 16:16
The Outerworld - Origins Of The Outerworld ???
FROST20 дек 2017 в 00:08
прекрасная музыка
alphaq20 дек 2017 в 10:09
Все знакомо и очень любимо.
el_grizo27 дек 2017 в 17:36
Amazing Album...Thanks
moneydream13 янв 2018 в 16:01
Атмосферный драм, душа поет - воздушный релиз, слушается все легко и не принужденно.


ryu13 янв 2018 в 16:27
Красивый и приятный звук, но местами уж слишком сопливо!)
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