Mymk - The Memory Fog

The Memory Fog
Рейтинг: 4.5, Голосов: 2
Style:Electronic, Ambient, Experimental
1.Gauze 02:57
2.In Flares, Anew 02:21
3.Glowing Panthers 03:32
4.Red Oak Hologram 03:20
5.Juggernaut 03:00
6.Memoth 02:03
7.Tar-Feather 03:14
8.Brain Fog 03:00
9.A Lazarus Taxon 05:06
10.Borderline 02:09

We can all reach the ever-new, and the ever-same, at the click of a mouse. However, SØVN firmly believes that authenticity comes from uniqueness: from offering alternatives to what can be reached immediately. The packaging itself, just as the music within, becomes something to experiment with. Its borders can be stretched. A concrete box you have to break in order to get to the music that it contains, is a remembrance of the ephemeral, potentially frail nature of our social conventions. Music, and its support, are not isolated from the passage of time. On the contrary, they are creators, and witnesses, of our time. The concept, the design and the realization of the packaging have been shaped together with the forward-looking designer and artist Le Kutsch.

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