Terrence Parker - Motor City Life

Motor City Life
Рейтинг: 4.46, Голосов: 13
Artist:Terrence Parker
Catalog:GMNLP 004
Style:Electronic, House, Techno
1. Love Interlude 02:48
2. Jessica (Plastic Soul Junkies version) 06:21
3. Deeper Love (TP’s Slave Key version) 06:24
4. Interlude Funky 1 01:03
5. Tighten Up Your Thang 06:25
6. Sombrero 04:06
7. Nothing Can Separate Me From The Love Of God 09:00
8. Interlude Funky 2 01:20
9. Holy Spirit 05:38
10. Cool Of The Day 03:56
11. Plastic Soul Junkie (TP Wave Brush version) 05:55
12. Round & Round 06:25
13. Grace 03:05
14. Dream Chaser Groove Track 03:14
15. Gonna Find A Way 08:45
16. Interlude Funky 3 02:11

We're delighted to bring next Terrence Parker album out. It's been a busy year for one our favorite house producer and dj as he had his GOD loves Detroit out on Carl Craig's legendary Planet-E imprint and this Motor City Life album coming on Goldmin. While GOD loves Detroit feels like a step forward in the man's musical path, Motor City Life is more of a retrospective on 25 years of busily producing and releasing music. Some words from Terrence himself: « Motor City Life is a collection of my unreleased recordings that range from House to Hip Hop productions. This project is special to me because it was many years in the making. Developed over time, Motor City Life in itself is an evolution of my life in Detroit. This project explores gospel, hip hop, soul, funk, blues, latin, house, and of course techno influenced by Detroit. I thank you for listening to this project and I hope this soundtrack provides a musical backdrop to the special moments in your life." Terrence started djing end of 70's and has a completely unique approach of djing. We heard of his skills and unique combinations and later had the chance to have him at Djoon in Paris for a Goldmin Music label night. We were amazed and surprised by his selections. He could literally find that special sound element or moment in an italo-disco track to combine it with a raw early Detroit-Techno track. It was all about the feeling, the instinct, than indefinable something more than any recipe or rule. We stayed in touch and had the chance to see him playing in Detroit few weeks later so of course when we could talk about releasing a whole album from him, it was a dream coming true. Step by step he carefully compiled some of his best classic works to date in new versions along with some completely unreleased ones bringing a unique listening experience. 16 tracks to define the man's musical wideness. A wideness he expresses in his mixes but also in his own works: ranging from gospel to hip-hop and soulful house. The intro says it all; a heavenly and innocent interlude that feels like christmas even in summer followed by incredible house tracks as only he as the secret. Some vocal tracks life « Round and round » have this typical TP soulfoul house vibe while this new versions of « Deeper love » instantly feel more modern. We also wanted this album to be both a great music package including some heavy dancefloor weapons yet keep it flowing like a story and something that could be listened and appreciated from beginning to end in different situations. So if it also feels great while walking in the streets or driving in the countryside, bringing some energy and light - our goal is achieved!

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Комментарии (5):

peril10 дек 2017 в 23:31
Новый альбом диджея с телефонной трубкой! Любопытно Thanks
FROST11 дек 2017 в 13:50
редкостный нафталин
Breaker11 дек 2017 в 18:54
для любителей классического хауса...
D.K11 дек 2017 в 20:59
мужик знает свое дело !респект )
FROST13 дек 2017 в 00:05
Колбасится минусёр! минусёр по пояс голый!))) 25 years of busily producing and releasing music - 25 лет одного и того же. Что Теренс Паркер мог ещё написать нового? Ни-Че-Го
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