Coastaldives - All Small Bodies

All Small Bodies
Рейтинг: 4.5, Голосов: 2
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Ambient
01. Darkest Hour (1:00)
02. The Mainland (2:18)
03. Run (1:39)
04. Following A Bird (0:27)
05. Still Empty (1:00)
06. You Must Be Lost (1:26)
07. Stay Here (1:25)
08. She Did This (1:25)
09. Won't Ask Nicely Again (1:31)
10. Last of My Kind (0:54)
11. Back Out (0:49)
12. One Two Three (0:43)
13. Before Dawn (1:46)
14. Wasting Away (1:47)
15. The Others (3:46)

CoastalDives' stunning debut LP "All Small Bodies" serves as the official soundtrack to the 2017 titular short film directed by Jennifer Reeder. The album consists of gorgeous, minimalistic synth compositions that contrast harsh, brooding soundscapes. CoastalDives gracefully guides listeners through fifteen tracks brimming with atmosphere and melody, subtly twisting and transforming at every turn. The fluid pacing strengthens many moments on "All Small Bodies" with a fleeting and ethereal quality that perfectly embodies the hypnagogic synth of the BLUD collection.

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