Various - From Sound To Silence

From Sound To Silence
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 1
Style:Electronic, Techno
1. Agents Of Time – Sequences (Original Mix)6:56
2. Voiski – Floodlight For Sunflower (Original Mix)6:12
3. Francois X – Rigid Monitor (Original Mix)6:44
4. The Hacker – Analog Blizard (Original Mix)6:27
5. Biemsix – You’re Too Young To Worry (Original Mix)7:30
6. Orbe – Temporary Mutation (Original Mix)6:56
7. Amandra – Derviche Roba (Original Mix)7:59
8. Abstract Division – Unfolding Process (Original Mix)5:44
9. Roberto – Talisman (Original Mix)6:57
Obscura, the Italian based imprint run by Agents Of Time, present their second release featuring new tracks by a variety of artists including Francois X, Voiski and The Hacker. Label owners offer a disorienting line of acid tension in 'Sequences' followed by minimalist master Voiski's 'Floodlight For Sunflower' - a deep end percussive workout. Parisian underground export Francois X is next with stripped back hypnotic roller 'Rigid Monitor' whilst The Hacker explores face-melting electro on 'Analog Blizzard'. Conceptual Spanish producer Orbe pairs interplanetary glitches with low end bass structures on 'Temporary Mutation' followed by Warsaw based Frenchman Amandra, who delves into droning tribal percussions on 'Derviche Roba'. Abstract Division, the collaborative project by Paul Boex and Dave Miller offer an eerie, energetic builder on 'Unfolding Process', followed by British techno mainstay Roberto's funk injected robotic workout 'Talisman'. As part of the digital release, Italian Berlin-based producer Biemsix presents a restrained track where looping melodies interact with skeletal percussion.

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