Lakker - Eris Harmonia

Eris Harmonia
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 2
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Experimental, Techno
1. Song for Rathlin 06:33
2. Extinct Peoples 02:19
3. Empress 04:27
4. Eris Pt 1 04:20
5. Eris Pt 2 10:08

Lakker venture a steeply brooding, stripped and future-primitive sound on their Eotrax label following the conceptual suite of Struggle & Emerge.

Effectively, for Eris Harmonia they went blindfolded in the studio, intuitively feeling out shapes and tones that would form the five tracks of Eris Harmonia, which takes its title from two Greek Goddesses - Eris, Goddess of disorder and strife, and Harmonia, Goddess of harmony and concord.

Between these poles of reference they built a rugged to and fro, floating the ghostly stepper Song for Ratlin beside the evil animist skeleton dance of Extinct Peoples, with the lump-in-throat euphoria of Empress at the EP’s apex, none of which will prime you for the ten minute onslaught of atonal nastiness in Eris Pt.1 and its bittersweet resolution in Eris Pt.2, which finds their sound design skills pushing much farther into the void, fathoms away from safer ‘floors.

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