Passenger 75 & Jo Cartwright - The Beauty You Are

The Beauty You Are
Рейтинг: 4.45, Голосов: 31
Artist:Passenger 75, Jo Cartwright
Label:Amsterdam Trance
Style:Electronic, Trance
  1. The Beauty You Are (Original Mix) 6:27 / 138 BPM
Strap yourselves in, we're cranking the BPM and heading down the rabbit hole. Passenger 75 is our captain once again bringing his unique blend of Tech, Trance and Psy that we absolutely love. Joining him for 'The Beauty You Are' on vocals is the ever talented Jo Cartwright who once again captures the mood of this deep, dark journey through time and space. Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!

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Комментарии (2):

Grotesque19 июн 2017 в 19:35
Эдакий Vocal-Tech-Psy-Trance БОЕВИК!!! По-нраву такой замес! Один из лучших трэков сегодняшнего дня (для меня). Однозначно в коллекцию! Спасибо, justice. +6
strelezium20 июн 2017 в 22:34
хрен знает что
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