Nthng - It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Рейтинг: 4.63, Голосов: 41
Label:Lobster Theremin
Style:Electronic, Lossless, Dub Techno, Techno
A1 – Touches
A2 – Galaxy
B – It Never Ends
C1 – Soms
C2 – Unity
D1 – In My Dreams
D2 – Abyss
E – Eternal
F – Last

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nthng finally follows up his four stunning EPs with a full album proper, arriving in a whopping 3xLP pack.

Arriving a good 6 months after the LT029.5 album sampler which debuted both Soms and In My Dreams, nthng adds another seven hazy, hooded techno bangers to those to make up a pretty dazzling body of work.

Opener 'Touches' is true ambient bliss, with shrouded, blissful synths fuzzing into view and cut through by a soft low distant sunlight.

Both Galaxy and Eternal thump into view with a hi-paced drums colliding and clashing with syncopated stabs and smooth dusty baselines, recalling the tender techno-trance precipice danced by Dutch producers at the start of the 90's.

The huge mysterious fan favourite and title track It Never Ends gets it's pride of place with 9 mins of deep, cavernous techno, all rippling with epic string-synths and washes of mountainous reverb.

Even deeper numbers are extracted from the hard-drive, including the pensively, digitally-bubbling computer jam Unity sitting tidily alongside the super deep and subtle rolls of Abyss.

Rounding the album out is the appropriately-titled Last. A dark, shimmering, almost emotionless number that cements a different idea of the future. A hard, pounding, yelping, depth-charged technoid closer.

For us, the album feels like a real masterpiece, conjuring a spectrum of intimate and emotive moods, feelings and nostalgia-tinged memories that float into the mind, like the settling fog in the valley on a crisp winters morning.

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Комментарии (6):

Pilo14 фев 2017 в 12:52
pon_vas_kon14 фев 2017 в 16:03
vinyl rip плохого качества. Не которые треки звучат некорректно. Но за оперативность, конечно же, благодарю.
jkee14 фев 2017 в 17:37
Лучше подождать тогда вебку. В этом рипе скорость треков неверная, только заметил.
Art77715 фев 2017 в 16:44
Офигенно, спасибо
denizdeniz9015 фев 2017 в 22:42
Хорошая пластинка, спасибо, что повесили на главную. Так бы скорее всего не заметил бы релиза
jkee25 фев 2017 в 09:39
+ 320 / flac (WEB)
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