Chrisound - Her Little Smile

Her Little Smile
Рейтинг: 4.33, Голосов: 3
Style:Electronic, House, Progressive, Progressive House, Progressive Trance
This time GLOWLIGHT RECORDS is full of joyful smile of a child.

Original version is delicate and lighthearted, but also full of joy and energy of synthetic elements of melody and live chord. This track was created to celebrate the fifth birthday of a producer's daughter.

CSD Remix is calm and 'deep' addition to original track. The subtle bass line and synthetic melody mixed with a child smile in the background. This is a track where the listeners can get easy relax with a smile.

PROGRESONIC MIX it's a powerful progressive track mixed with delicate elements in the background. The subtle piano line suddenly by surprise brings the joy of the progressive chord.

PROGRESONIC SOFT MIX is a light version of previous track. Easy piano line with rich background allows to take a deep breath and relax.

Pumped and full of live with characteristic sound of flute version created by Baron it's a surprise track, which will pull out the listener from the nostalgia and thoughtfulness.

Whole release is closed by remix created by Mossaiko. Combination of deep, club and progressive sounds cannot let you for a moment of rest during listening.
Mossaiko from the start to the end inviting the listeners to join to his mix-experiment.

01. Her Little Smile (Original Mix) [07:52]
02. Her Little Smile (CSD Remix) [08:11]
03. Her Little Smile (Progresonic Mix) [06:54]
04. Her Little Smile (Progresonic Soft Mix [06:54]
05. Her Little Smile (Mossaiko Remix) [06:43]
06. Her Little Smile (Baron Remix) [04:50]


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CSD Remix
Progresonic Soft Mix
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