Cv313 - Land Of The Low Lying Clouds [Edition Two]

Land Of The Low Lying Clouds [Edition Two]
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 6
Label:Echospace [Detroit]
Style:Electronic, Ambient, Dub Techno
01. Land Of The Low Lying Clouds [Edition Two] (59:56)

An epic affair of gentle soundscapes and field recordings, all captured and recorded on the mystical, "Road To Hana" in the land of the low lying clouds, Maui, Hawaii. A near hour long transmission (culled from a near 3 hour live performance) of sonic immersion, sub-aquatic bass, spiraling atmospherics and dubbed out harmonics tugging right at the heart strings, leaving one in a state of acidic dreams... A true exploration of the most mystical of lands... We'll meet you there.

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