Arandel - Aleae

Рейтинг: 4.78, Голосов: 9
Style:Electronic, Electro, IDM, Techno
1. Aleae I
2. Aleae II
3. Aleae III
4. Aleae IV
5. Aleae V

ALEAE is the latest window pried opened into Arandel’s discography. These 5 movements shape more than 40 minutes of musical elevation and are dedicated to the body and feets' awakening to creative spontaneity and randomness. With this new opus, the Arandel entity moves aside once again to let the instruments take lead and play, with the sequencers drawing their bell curves and the drum machines printing their rhythmic patterns. If the conductor’s baton handled pop music codes for the Pellis trilogy, this new mini album demonstrates a pronounced liking for playful minimal progressions and exalts the reptilian extremities of its listener's brain. Arandel also resorted to the sound palette of celestial voices, rare and ancient instruments which constituted the musical raw material of his album In D. But, if the debut album shone by its methodological precision and writing accuracy, Aleae celebrates the intuition, the gesture associated with improvisation, and as its title implies, the games of chance and error.

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