Timo Maas - Crossing Wires 002

Crossing Wires 002
Рейтинг: 4.74, Голосов: 31
Artist:Timo Maas
Label:My Favorite Robot
Catalog:MFR 102D
Style:Electronic, Deep, House, Techno
01. Crossing Wires 002 - Compiled And Mixed By Timo Maas
02. Eric Volta feat. Monolitio – Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust (Original Mix)
03. My Favorite Robot – Dead Of The Dance (Original Mix)
04. Dj Sossa feat. Kara Square – Consumer W*** (Garbant Wave Mix)
05. Discern & Signal Flow – Coarse Language (Original Mix)
06. Igor Vicente – Ashes (Original Mix)
07. Tim Green – Pleanty Of Spiders (Original Mix)
08. Martin Buttrich – Bubble Heat (Original Mix)
09. Timo Maas – Watching The Robots (Original Mix)
10. Villanova – Ola (Original Mix)
11. Pezzner feat. Amina – Exit (Sebastian Mullaert Remix)
12. Daniel Stefanik – Edge Of Motion (Original Mix)
13. Chris Carrier – Wicked Night (Original Mix)
14. Timo Maas, Santos – Z Panorama (Original Mix)
15. Agoria feat Scalde – For One Hour (Villanova Remix)
Following on from the inaugural Crossing Wires compilation by Toronto trio My Favorite Robot, next to mix it up for the exciting series is global electronic music icon Timo Maas. Still riding high off the success of his latest and greatest full length relaese, Lifer, back in 2013 (which blended trip hop with ambient, sleazy house with wonky techno and included collaborations with the likes of Placebos Brian Molko and Brighton chanteuse Katie Cruel as well as James Lavelle, founder of seminal e90s label Mo Wax) Timo has long been a pioneer in his field. Of course, he also runs his own influential label, Rockets & Ponies, and the German producer has also appeared on the MFR label before with standout track eDancing For My Pleasure from the first Crossing Wires. Timo is also a revered DJ and in 2013 celebrated 10 years as resident at one of underground house and technos most mythologised clubs: Circo Loco at DC10 out in Ibiza. As such, this new Crossing Wires compilation draws on his skills as both selector and sequencer and proves few can do it better than this long-standing talent. The mix features 14 brand new and exclusive tracks from a range of artists old and new n some are closely associated with MFR, some less so, but together they paint a perfect picture of the state of modern electronic music. Man of the moment Eric Volta kicks things off with the serene synth stylings of Dreams Dont Turn to Dust, a suitably lush affair that sets a soothing tone. From there we soon drop into a compelling groove courtesy of My Favorite Robots eDead of the Dance and Timo masterfully balances the tempo through his ensuing selections. Never does he get stuck in one place for too long, instead coherently going from spaced out sci-fi house (Discern & Signal Flows eCoarse Language) to tripped-out tech (Tim Greens ePlenty of Spiders) and kinetic and synthetic sounds (Martin Buttrichs eBubble Heat) with ease. Timos own productions appear twice, first in the form of the growling, shadowy eWatching The Robots then in collaboration with long time partner Santos on eZ Panorama. Tracks and remixes from Chris Carrier, Villanova and Daniel Stefanik then make up the latter half of the mix in which energy levels are kept up and heady, futuristic imagery is never far away. This is a compelling mix that showcases both the modern sound of house and techno whilst proving that Timo Mass has an understanding of dancefloor dynamics that few could ever question.

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Комментарии (10):

fly_away01 июл 2014 в 14:32
firestar01 июл 2014 в 16:28был изменен
заценим. 4 трек улыбнул словами песни
Kompakt01 июл 2014 в 17:43
Понравился больше чем его Balance.. спасибо
TRMen01 июл 2014 в 18:19был изменен
оппа... запомним, проверим. Баланс его вообще не понравился, не мой выпуск тот был.
Макс почму не отписался, не оценил Гену Сайза с его свежим допником к альбому
anddok01 июл 2014 в 23:10
Отлично Тим!
LostSmile02 июл 2014 в 03:54
Приятная компила, но поразил второй трек (хотя в принципе он первый) -
Eric Volta feat. Monolitio – Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust
firestar03 июл 2014 в 05:22
я тоже только его заметил)
TRMen02 июл 2014 в 19:50
IgorOK03 июл 2014 в 18:03
достойно Тимо намиксовал
MironenkoDima30 ноя 2014 в 13:51
Можете перезалить, пожалуйста?
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