Fineprint - Liondub Street Series Vol. 07: Gargon

Liondub Street Series Vol. 07: Gargon
Рейтинг: 2.5, Голосов: 4
Label:Liondub International
Style:Electronic, Drum & Bass
Drum and bass duo Fineprint come straight out of Long Island and Chicago for their debut on the seventh volume of Liondub International's long-standing "Street Series". The pair present their uniquely cinematic, hard-hitting style over five high-pressure pieces, carefully finessing that sound on title track "Gargon", pushing militant jump up drums and bass blasts to control the pace. For "Hypnosis", the foundation flexes even stronger muscle while backing sounds get twisted, and "Rockaz" begins with sampled reggae references but soon switches to harder, jagged bass patterns and rigid breaks. "The Clash" takes a similar tact, amplifying the contrast with extended reggae samples worked against hammering bass and drums. On the complex tip, "The Konkrete Skank" begins ominously in break-driven ambient territory with wobble basslines accompanied by the EP's trickiest percussion. Well worth the full listen.
01. Gargon (4:26)
02. Hypnosis (4:27)
03. Rockaz (4:26)
04. The Clash (4:26)
05. Konkrete Skank (4:26)

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