Fred P - Sound Destination

Sound Destination
Рейтинг: 4.33, Голосов: 6
Artist:Fred P
Label:Soul People
Style:Electronic, Jazz / Blues, Ambient, Deep House, Downtempo
1. Countryside Train Ride (01:44)
2. Leaving You Behind (04:24)
3. Where To Now (02:13)
4. Longing For You (03:27)
5. Dark Halls (02:05)
6. Watch Over (03:49)
7. Something Beatless Pass (05:45)
8. Shibuya 4 AM (01:24)
9. Berlin Sunrise (13:11)
10. Time and Space (03:52)
11. Boundless (03:43)
12. Fly High (07:22)

Since last year, this is Fred P's fourth album and while this would seem like recycled news for any other artist, we're always eager to hear more material from the NY house specialist. That's because all of Fred P's work has both a meaning and a direction, often centred on deep space or a general reinterpretation of black jazz music for the next millennium. Also, this Sound Destination LP comes on his own Soul People Music, and it is much more of a classic album rather than an associated collection of dance-friendly material. From "Leaving You Behind", through to "Longing For You", and all the way to "Boundless", the artist paints a full and vivid picture of his vision of electronic music, a dense and spectral future jazz that spirals naturally into something darker and more cerebral. Highly recommended material, as usual.

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