Sine - Tiefblau

Рейтинг: 4.75, Голосов: 20
Label:Sine Music
Style:Electronic, Ambient, Chillout, ChillStep, Downtempo, Lo-Fi
1. Ocean Dreams 5:23
2. Feel Love 5:03
3. Full Moon 6:13
4. The Beginning 5:13
5. Blau 5:31
6. Between Seasons 5:31
7. New Paths 4:09
8. Take Me Higher 5:05
9. Chillbar 4:07
10. Always 5:16
11. Deep Down 4:55
12. Lost and Never Found 5:03
13. Morning 5:19
14. Sundowner 5:29
15. Constant Change 6:00

info: https://play.google.com/ | http://classic.beatport.com/

On the 11th of November 2016 SINE will release his next album called “Tiefblau” (in English Deep Blue). It will be released on the label Sine Music. “Tiefblau”, the successor of the very popular “Ruhepol”, will be available on CD and at all well-known download stores. The physical album will be presented in an environmentally friendly, plastic-free DigiSleeve consisting of six pages.
Thomas Hauser aka SINE’s great passion for the oceans in this world lies in every tone of “Tiefblau”. Just as if you would dive underwater and feel the swirls of the water at every little hair, already the opening track “Ocean Dreams” folds around you and your body.
Resurfacing with “Blau”, breathing out, wiping the water from your face and looking into the wonderfully sunny sky. Just imagine. Not too difficult with this atmospheric cover, a photography took by Thomas Hauser during his last vacations on Sardinia. Not least because of that, “Tiefblau” is probably the most multifaceted album of SINE songs ever done. All of the 15 tracks have so far only been released on compilations, with the exception of “Full Moon” which has not been released so far, and reach from chillout to ambient to electronic and even lounge and more poppy songs.
The blue colour of the oceans is the colour of calming down and relaxation for SINE. And in order to preserve and protect this pure beauty, SINE donates part of the proceeds of every CD sold to the organisation OceanCare.

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KML17 ноя 2016 в 14:52
Сейчас, конечно, то еще извращение, но спасибо за rusfolder
Balearic17 ноя 2016 в 20:04
Нравится Sine, всегда есть треки которые слушаешь с удовольствием
hoholkin01 дек 2016 в 10:06
Очень приятный чилловый альбом, расслабляет, да и к тому же весьма мелодичный. +5!
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