Lucid Cream - Star-filled Seas of Ganymede

Star-filled Seas of Ganymede
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 3
Artist:Lucid Cream
Label:Not On (Self-Released)
Style:Rock, Krautrock
Star-filled Seas of Ganymede is the debut full-length album by Lucid Cream, a one-man band hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands. The instrument tracks on this album were mostly recorded in one take, meandering around a base theme with organic results. Free flow kraut improvisation turned psychedelic ambient drone.

All instruments by Willem van Tuijl AKA Wilhelm Donnerwetter AKA Wilhelm Kraut


1. Star-filled Seas of Ganymede 11:44
2. Toward no Earthly Pole (Erebus & Terror) 13:00
3. Understood nor Understanding 10:15
4. Grass (Sam Gopal cover) 10:25
4 / 45:26

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