Perturbator - Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 16
Label:Blood Music
Style:Electronic, Electro, Electroclash, Synth-pop
1. Perturbator - Welcome Back (2:10)
2. Perturbator - Perturbator's Theme (5:36)
3. Perturbator - Raw Power (5:09)
4. Perturbator - Future Club (4:49)
5. Perturbator - War Against Machines (3:22)
6. Perturbator - Hard Wired (feat. Isabella Goloversic) (5:32)
7. Perturbator - She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next (5:04)
8. Perturbator - Humans Are Such Easy Prey (4:22)
9. Perturbator - Minuit (feat. Dead Astronauts) (6:17)
10. Perturbator - Satanic Rites (5:03)
11. Perturbator - Complete Domination (feat. Carpenter Brut) (3:58)
12. Perturbator - Last Kiss (4:44)
13. Perturbator - Dangerous Days (12:07)

You are the night.
Your loved ones are gone now, leaving only blackness ahead. Humanity failed you. They let technology become a threat.
You are the war against machines.

They tried to make you software. But you’re not like the rest.
You are half machine now. More powerful. More fierce. And you only want one thing : to meet the one responsible for the hardware. There are no rules anymore. Kill or be killed. Take advantage of what they have made of you and enact a terrible revenge.

By the end of this journey you will meet your Maker, surrounded by all the desolation he created. A computer. Codename: Satan. Programmed to do only one thing: Erase all traces of the human race.

This is Nocturne City. The year is 2088 and you are about to embark on a journey into an urban nightmare.

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Комментарии (5):

D1MAkrat19 июн 2014 в 16:35
Те, кто играл в Хотлайн Майами знают, что это круто!
galactix19 июн 2014 в 18:14
lossless можно забрать тут (бесплатно либо можете заплатить, цену выбираете сами)


Это Synthwave, Retro Electro
Stasonnic22 июн 2014 в 10:50
крутой звук
Melancholiac22 июн 2014 в 16:33
Minuit кручу по кругу.
eelke23 июн 2014 в 13:25
ууухх, наконец то!
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