Zeal And Ardor - Devil Is Fine

Devil Is Fine
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Artist:Zeal And Ardor
Style:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz / Blues, Rock, Experimental, Heavy metal
Zeal and Ardor is a project trying find new combinations of established components. The most important factor is a thematic coherence, not a musical one. Vocals, instruments, sandwiches etc by Manuel Gagneux.
It's Black Metal, but not as we know it. Or is it? There are so many elements herein, between which the seams are so well-sewn that they are invisible to the naked ear, that to pin a label on this chimera of a project would be to do it an injustice. Slave songs & African-American spirituals, once sources of light, are twisted into sources of a no less joyful, embracing darkness; the embrace of a freedom offered only by the thematic devil so fervently worshiped in these fierce hymns.
JD Quenzer

A1 - Devil Is Fine - 3:12
A2 - In Ashes - 2:38
A3 - Sacrilegium I - 1:54
A4 - Come On Down - 3:19
B1 - Children's Summon - 3:08
B2 - Sacrilegium II - 2:11
B3 - Blood In The River - 3:33
B4 - What Is A Killer Like You Gonna Do Here? - 2:15
B5 - Sacrilegium III - 2:44

Total length: 24:57


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