Kolhoosi 13 - Monuments of Power

Monuments of Power
Рейтинг: 5, Голосов: 3
Artist:Kolhoosi 13
Label:Cryo Chamber
Style:Electronic, Ambient, Experimental
The barren soundscapes from Finnish duo Kolhoosi 13 paint a bleak picture of a world in the aftermath of reckless experiments and actions made in the name of power, manifesting complete disregard of life and man's own habitat. A world where both lives and nature are expendable, and the grim consequences are just another record to be erased and forgotten.

Written, Produced, Performed - Niko Salakka, Juho Lepistö
Mastering - Simon Heath

TracklistCryo Chamber image

1. From Comradery to Sustenance 05:40
2. Uprising of the Spirit 12:01
3. A White Sea 09:21
4. Glow From the Depths 06:21
5. Rainout 04:29
6. The Monument of Power 05:32

6 / 43:27

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