Various - Chip Break In The Clouds

Chip Break In The Clouds
Рейтинг: 4.88, Голосов: 8
Style:Electronic, Breakcore, Chiptune, Speedcore
We've got enough of boring chiptune! It's spring outside, summer is coming, so is changing! Everything is awakening, evolving and getting ready to move! Join it! BleepLove presents the first chipbreak compilation! Forget about sloth, throw away your laziness, turn the volume up and let the blast of breaking beats flow through your head!We've put together tracks of the best artists, who make music in this uncommon genre, specially to inspire you! Go in clouds!

P.S. Ki Yoshiko: "Track selection was on competitive basis, so there's something I'd like to say to those artists whose works haven't been accepted! I thank you for your participation and interest, it's just the bar was set too high! Don't get upset, you'll do much better in the future! I would like to give thanks to all the participants. I'm proud of you all <3"


01. Skycstls - OH! LAPTOPS!
02. JuicyOrange - Everyone's A winner
03. MARU303 - Turbo Peoples
04. TAROLIN - Choo-Hi! Oriental
05. Turbo Chip - Chu Chu Lovely (Maximum The Hormone Cover)
06. Gizmode - This Spiral Tunnel
07. Odaxelagnia - Komorebi
08. Hawawa - Marble
09. Unverified Character - The End Is Near
10. Mekuso - Calculations 74
11. Ca5 - Cassis and Soda

11 / 31:56

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neon-08118 июл 2016 в 01:22
Кастрюльки и дэнди саунд рулит))) Хороший сборник получился)
vano 2sv21 июл 2016 в 12:12
спасибо за альбомчик, круть
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